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We Do Not Sell Products or Solicit Funds The following products are presented for your review as resources that will be helpful in developing your own Doorknob Evangelism ministry.

Plus Nothing (free)

Chronological Four Gospels: "The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth" Plus Nothing distributes to individuals and evangelists, as well as to groups of people at churches, nonprofits, for-profit businesses, prison ministries, emergency response departments, U.S. military establishments, outreach centers, crisis response organizations and many more. Over 4.5 million free copies distributed.

This is a quality product, using quality bible paper with a faux leather cover. It would probably sell for over $10 at Walmart. It is hard for folks to throw this away. I've seen them pull them off the door with immediate interest, thumbing through, even reading some, then taking it inside their home. That is the point. To get the literature into their hands and home so they will pick it up and read it. So the Word of God can be seeded into their hearts and minds.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

The Living Water Project (free)

"The Gospel of John" Absolutely Free, Inc., through our Living Water Project, has published the booklet "Living Water - The Gospel of John". It is a small shirt pocket sized booklet that is ideal for outreach projects. The notes are simple, concise, and designed to help the reader focus on the presentation of The Gospel of John. Since this booklet was first published in 1994 over ten million copies are now in print worldwide.

The Gospel of John (purchase)

"The Gospel of John" Ray Comfort created this unique, conveniently sized Gospel of John using a very eye-catching cover to stir curiosity. Designed after our best-selling gospel tract, it’s a sure way to get the world’s attention.

The Gospel of John (purchase)

Tract "Are you good enough to go to heaven?" This extensive presentation of the Law and gospel takes the reader through the Ten Commandments to show them if they are good enough to go to Heaven.

NOTE: This is my preferred tract at this time. It takes them to their conscience seeing where they stand before God and then offers them the solution that God provided in Jesus Christ. It delivers the Bad News then the Good News so they will want it. This track presents nicely on top of the Gospel Booklet. It's positive and attractive with a message that may grab their attention and interest and so open their heart to read the tract and then the Gospel Booklet.

The Gospel of John

Chick Tracts (purchase)

Tract "This was your life" Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

NOTE: This is the tract the Spirit used to seed the Word of God and the Fear of God in my heart 60 years ago. I found out years later that a local business man purchased 1000's of them. He gave them out to Christian Groups to pass out and he hung them on the doorknobs in our area with a rubber band!.

This was your life tract

Rubber Bands (purchase)

Example:"Advantage #32, 3" x 1/8""

NOTE: These bands work great. Be sure to shop them online for the best price for the quantity you will need. Two bands per Gospel packet.

Rubber Bands