Doorknob EvangelismDoorknob Evangelism

How to do Doorknob Evangelism

It's easy!

This may be one of the simplest forms of evangelism there is. It does not require oratory skills, people skills, personal evangelism skills, funding or lots of volunteers. One person can get the job done. Consistency is the key. Set the day or days per week you have available to walk out the Gospel packets and continue until you finish the area(s) you selected.

TIP: See the Resource Materials page for info on where you can find free Gospel Booklets and quality affordable tracts.

The cost to do this ministry is minimal. It will be mainly a time investment. The time to rubber band up the Gospel Booklets and tracts together to hang on the doorknob, then the time to walk them out. It takes about an hour to bundle up 150-200 sets, a bit more time if you rubber stamp your info on the tract. You should be able to average 120 to 200 homes per a four hour walk out. This depends on the density, set back of the home and other factors. We have been finding our Gospels for free with ministries that supply them for this purpose. See the Resource Materials page for their info. The tracts cost about ten cents each and the rubber bands about $4.00 a bag.

Step 1: Select the area(s)

TIP: Determine the area you want to walk out and hang Gospels on their doorknobs. Check with your city, town or county civil website or call them to confirm it is legal for you to hang items on residential doors. This is called a solicitation regardless that you have not knocked on the door or attempted to speak with anyone in person on the property. Each municipality varies on their codes and laws. One constant is if they allow door hanger solicitations and the home owner posts a "no trespassing" or "no soliciting" sign you cannot place them on their door or property.

It will help to take a drive through the area(s) you select to get an idea of where to start and finish along the type and density of the homes. You can pick a beginning location with a general plan on how to walk through the streets and finish where you plan too. Stay flexible in this as you may find it's efficient to alter the plan once you are actually out on the street. Figure out the approximate volume of homes you will be able to reach on foot. That will give you an idea of the amount of Gospel booklets and tracts to order.

Step 2: Select your materials

Select and order your Gospel Booklets and tracts. Purchase the amount of rubber bands you will need. Figure two rubber bands per packet. We have found the Walmart Advantage #32, 3" x 1/8" work great. You can also find them online on Amazon and office suppliers. Decide if you will want to rubber stamp the "Compliments of" section of the tract you select with your contact information. If so you can order a custom rubber stamp online from several sources for under $20. You could also use a local copy shop to create a small brochure or bookmarker insert with your information on it. Insert that in the Gospel Booklet so it doesn't blow away or fall out. The rubber bands will hold them all together so they will hang quickly and safely on a doorknob.

Step 3: Assemble your materials

If you decided to use a rubber stamp then begin by stamping up all the tracts you will be bundling this session. Lay out the Gospel booklets in stacks on a table with the tracts to their right side and the rubber bands to their left side. Pick up two rubber bands and loop one through the other so that it ties into a secure knot. While holding the now joined into one rubber band in your left hand, set a tract on a Gospel with your right hand, then pick those up with your right hand, using your left and right hand fingers to stretch one of the rubber bands around your assembled packet. Set it down in a stack or into a carry box and continue one at a time till finished.

Step 4: Walk them out

TIPS: Park your vehicle in a safe location the proper distance from intersections and fire hydrants per your local codes. Acknowledge everyone you meet. Smile, wave and be good neighbor friendly. Give eye contact and dispel any concerns home owners may have showing them what you are doing and apologizing for creating any concern they may have. Watch carefully for "no trespassing" and "no soliciting signs" as you walk up to a home. They can be on the doors, posts, fences and even windows of the home. As soon as you see one pass by that property or if you have began entry to it just turn around and exit the property.

on the door

Load up a back pack or shoulder bag with at least 50 packets or what you think you will need to walk from and then back to your vehicle for that section. I fill my bag and then carry 10+ in my hand starting out. As you walk out be careful to observe things that might trip you! Be careful on steps and porches. Keep an eye out for unfriendly dogs. Approach the door using the driveway and sidewalk to the front door. Do not cut through their yard as that may be perceived as rude and alarming to many homeowners. At the door simply stretch out the open tied rubber band and slip it over the door knob. If the home has a storm door you can loop the rubber band through the handle and snap it over the top of the handle/button area. You may also find that the ornamental loops on the storm door work well too. Do this as swiftly as you can, so you do not seem to be lingering or messing around with their front door, turn and exit the same way you came up to the door by the sidewalk and driveway. Go out to the street / sidewalk and down to the next home. I do not recommend walking into carport side door areas. Stay out in the open in the front of the home where observant neighbors can see what you are doing and that you are not a threat to their neighborhood.